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Types Of Matters We Specialize In

We Have Non Bankruptcy Solutions For Your Business' Financial Challenges

Does Your Business Currently Have:

  • Major Financial Problems?
  • Debt Solutions for your company’s budget
  • Past Due Payables?
  • Poor Service From Vendors And Suppliers?
  • Disputed Bills?
  • Lawsuits?
  • Delinquent Leases?
  • Past Due Workmens Compensation Premiums?
  • Mechanic’s Liens?
  • Advertising Billing Problems?
  • Disputes with contractors?
  • Collection Calls?
  • Business related judgements?
  • Liens?
  • Bankruptcy Alternatives?
  • Judgements?
  • Business Credit Card Balances?

*We help with all the above listed issues without practicing law.

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