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Commercial Debt Negotiation

/ How We Can Help Your Business

Solve Your Issues With Commercial Debt Negotiation

While working within your company’s available budget, Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. will negotiate on your behalf to achieve payment reductions, extended payouts and discounted commercial debt settlements with your company’s creditors, suppliers and vendors or the collection agencies and attorneys who represent them. All of this completed with our debt negotiation services without the need to practice law.

In fact, the typical plans we’ve consistently provided clients allow us to keep their business afloat. Best of all, our corporate debt negotiation services are proven to get results!

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Debt Negotiation

  • Reduce your company’s debts and payables
  • Achieve interest-free extended payouts
  • Develop a positive cash flow
  • Stop the annoying collection calls and harassment
  • Maintain good relations with valued suppliers
  • Avoid court costs, legal fees and bankruptcy
  • Protect your cash and assets from levies and liens

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