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Commercial Debt Settlement

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Avoid Bankruptcy With a Commercial Debt Settlement

Filing commercial bankruptcy isn’t a wise decision. In most cases, creditors know that most businesses never recover from bankruptcy and that it’s both costly and unlikely they’ll prevail. What’s in everyone’s best interest is a corporate debt settlement program which reduces the debtor’s obligation while insuring the companies survival. This is only one of the reasons that commercial debt settlement programs vary as widely as the companies that they are created for. Every financial situation is different, so the solutions are as varied as the circumstances which create the need.

Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. will design and implement a corporate debt settlement program which will enable your company to recover from your accumulated corporate debt and get you back on track towards success. Our corporate debt settlement programs can improve your cash flow by reducing the repayment of your business debt into a more manageable monthly amount, many times renegotiating the debt or reducing or entirely eliminating interest expense and collection fees, based on current resources to pay creditors.

Will A Commercial Debt Settlement Work For Me?

We work with many different industries!

It’s even possible that your creditors have worked with us in the past. By using Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. you will be leveraging our relationships and putting yourself in a position to settle all your commercial debts. So, every corporate debt settlement plan we develop focuses upon maintaining those relationships.

The circumstances which lead to the need for every corporate debt settlement plan is different. This is why Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. will evaluate your business and determine the best course of action for your company. Maybe it will be debt mediation or debt arbitration. Sometimes the corporate debt settlement plan will buy time before repayment begins. Other times, the debt will be re-amortized, negotiated to a lower amount or entirely forgiven. And remember, even though you may have been unsuccessful in negotiating a corporate debt settlement plan on your own, this doesn’t mean that we can’t. 

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Commercial Debt settlement requires special care and the knowledge of the ever changing circumstances. Businesses with financial difficulties need the support and knowledge of how to handle creditors, the expertise negotiating with creditors and the options available.

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