Commercial Restructuring

commercial restructuringThe Benefits of Commercial Restructuring

Corporate debt restructuring, or commercial restructuring can provide you with a relatively healthy future while removing some past debt problems. A Corporate Debt Restructuring plan will give your business the new start you need to get back in the game. Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. have several Small Business Debt Restructuring options for you to consider.

Many business owners face tough economic times and are struggling from the pressures of debt. If you have concerns over meeting your accounts receivables, bills, invoices, etc., that arrive monthly, you can benefit from our business debt restructuring plans.


  • Satisfy your creditors with what you can afford
  • Reduce your debt and stretch it out over time without interest
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies, attorneys, and more time running your business.
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary legal costs.
  • Preserve positive relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Keep your doors open and avoid bankruptcy.

Restructuring your debt is a preferred alternative to bankruptcy and thus you can create a repayment program with your creditors that fits within the budget of your company. Contact Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. today and start your path back to financial freedom.

Non-Bankruptcy Commercial Debt Solutions

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