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For years, commercial creditors throughout the continental United States have resorted to collection agencies, lawyers and the court system to fight their battles. Now you have access to an experienced Professional Debt Management firm who can resolve all your company’s financial problems with speedy creative solutions. By utilizing our services, you can prevent huge legal expenses, interest penalties, court costs, and most importantly, the devastating loss of your marketing and production time that normally produces profits for your business. Most settlements are negotiated and finalized in less than six months. This is because we have developed a systematic, effective and proven approach for resolving all past-due business debts, as well as the restructuring of all of your current commercial leases on file.

The Sooner We Step In The Better The Outcome For Your Company

If you are facing problem cash flow issues, past due payments, disputed invoices, liens, judgments, bankruptcy or potential lawsuits, please call immediately to arrange a no-obligation, confidential, risk-free consultation and/or a no-charge meeting with a Certified Professional. Your fast response translates into more favorable settlements on your behalf. Our over 26 years of experience and expertise virtually guarantees success for your company. Don’t hesitate. Act Now!

Retain a commercial debt mediator to work on your company’s behalf to handle all the embarrassing collection calls and remove the threat or pitfalls of litigation. Credit managers, collection agencies and law firms represent your creditors. Carton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. will assist you in dealing with all of your business debts, absolutely risk-free, anywhere within the continental United States. Our services can make a good business better, a marginal business good and a failing business a survivor, regardless of the current economic climate.

We can work with your company’s attorneys, or have legal referrals if necessary. In essence, we are a proactive financial business consulting firm operating on a results-only basis. Thus, we work hard to find solutions that both you & all your creditors will be happy with. We preserve your operating capital! No results…No fees!

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Since 1996 We’ve Provided Creative Solutions For Your Companies Cash Flow Challenges by utilizing Commercial Debt Mediation.