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Specializing In Business Debt Resolution

We are a professional debt management firm operating on a results-only basis. Thus, we work hard to find solutions that both you and your creditors will find mutually beneficial. If your company is experiencing financial hardships we will work on your company’s behalf to handle all the embarrassing collection calls and remove the threats and pitfalls of litigation from your business. Credit managers, collection agencies and law firms represent your creditors! Carton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. represents you and will assist you in dealing with all of your business debts anywhere within the continental United States, absolutely risk-free. Our services can make a good business better, a marginal business good and a failing business a survivor, regardless of the current economic climate.

As a Company dealing with financial hardships you have 3 options…


File Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is not a desirable option for most business owners, but at times it may be the only option. Filing for bankruptcy may bring you relief from certain debt and responsibilities, but it can also have an negative impact that last for years.

Hire An Attorney

Navigating through the waters of your business finances can be nearly impossible without the help of an expert. Hiring an attorney to handle your commercial financial issues can ensure you're making educated decisions, but will usually cost you a large sum of money

Hire Our Firm

Hiring our professional debt management firm can not only save you the hassle and pain of filing bankruptcy, we can also save you thousands of dollars over hiring an attorney. For over 20 years Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. has been creating non-bankruptcy solutions for struggling businesses around the country.

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Success Stories

  • Ken H.
    Carlton Bentley and Penn, Inc is very familiar with all of the various cash flow issues affecting the small business entrepreneur.
    Ken H.
    Retail Sales and Management
  • Jose G.
    It’s amazing on how Carlton Bentley and Penn Inc have been able to resolve our commercial issues within our cash flow parameters.
    Jose G.
    Large Scale Commercial Printing
  • Rick D.
    Carlton Bentley and Penn Inc stayed on top of all of my matters and gave me regular updates on how the negotiations were going.
    Rick D.
    Automotive Repair and Maintenance Facility

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*We help with all the above listed issues without practicing law.