Why Us

Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc.

1902 Wright Place Suite # 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Since 1996 Creative Solutions For Your Companies Cash Flow Challenges and Commercial Debt Mediation.

Carlton • Bentley and Penn, Inc. is based in Carlsbad, CA and has been helping small businesses throughout continental United States since 1996. If your business is facing problem cash flow issues, past due payments, disputed invoices, liens, judgments, bankruptcy or potential lawsuits, please call today to arrange a no-obligation, confidential, risk-free consultation and/or a no-charge meeting with a Certified Professional. Your fast response translates into more favorable settlements on your behalf. Our over 20 years of experience and expertise virtually guarantees success for your company. Don’t hesitate. Act Now! The sooner we step in, the better the outcome for your company. We will Settle Past Due Invoices, Pending Lawsuits and Vendor/Supplier Disputes, Quickly and Help You Stay Out of Court in all Fifty States with our cost effective solutions!!